Sunday, October 01, 2006

Picture of the Week

I'm going to try to post a "Picture of the Week". Perhaps something new, perhaps something old...we shall see!! Today's picture is from church this morning. It's our Northland Extension Team '06-'07 singing "Complete in Thee" for special music.

We had a great day at church. The Lord is working!! Most of you know that a few years ago our church went through some hardships & trials. Several families left. Today one of the families came back and very humbly asked to be part of our church family again. They exhorted the rest of us to take care of offenses, sin, etc. before we find ourselves wandering in the wilderness and wondering how we got so far in. Then we had communion. It was all very refreshing, moving and healing. I hope that you all had a great day of worship.


Abram Curtis said...

Hello Pastor Scott and Cathy!!!!
i think of you guys practically every day. We need to make a trip up there. I miss you and hope you are doing well!!!

Jen & Mark said...

that's so great to hear!!! i miss you guys so much. i miss the church so much!! pretty much we miss everything except for the ridiculously cold weather. i'm so glad that you guys have a blog now. for some weird reason its a ton easier to blog than to e-mail. hopefully i'll be able to keep in touch a bit better.

and yes - i am tentatively planning on coming to the northland tourney and looking forward to it.

Jen & Mark said...

i thought that i recognized hannah - is that phil benticoff? neat!