Saturday, September 30, 2006

Entering with fear and trepidation!!

Well, here goes nothing! I may as well join in...if I can figure this whole blogging thing out!!! But, I figure that this will be a good way to keep in touch with family, friends, and of course our long lost Northland extension students!! I've found many of your blogs and have enjoyed "checking up" on you! HA!!

All is well in the North woods!! Brooke has joined Bethany at Northland, so it is much quieter around here. Brennan is in Driver's Ed - unbelievable. We have a great group of Northland kids once again this year.

Looking forward to getting back in touch with our many friends!! Perhaps I'll have a chance to post a longer update soon.


Beth and Jason said...

Great idea. We look forward to keeping in touch better. It's about time you guys really come visit us! By the way it looks like we'll be here for a lot longer than we expected. Josh and Anna Beers moved to PA and we're taking over the youth group. So, we're in the process of getting on the pastoral staff here at Fourth. This wasn't in our plans, but we're thankful for the great opportunity this is for us.

Christina said...

This is great! I miss you guys and think about you a lot... really! You have to e-mail me the girls school address. Well, as you know we are still in Hawaii, and waiting for anyone from Northwoods to take us up on our offer and visit. :-) You have to tell everyone hi for me. Also if you think about it, I would appreciate your prayers. I've been struggling with health problems, and Sam might be leaving for Iraq soon. (For over a year) Anyway it was so great hearing from you and now I can check up on you guys regularly. :-)