Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's all about Brennan

Whenever I'm shopping I always end up buying something for the girls at school (or at least it seems that way - especially to Brennan). He'll say, "Oh, it's all about Bethany" or "It's all about Brooke." (In a teasing sort of way, of course). Then he says, "I see how it is." So this post is "All about Brennan."

Yesterday we went over to my Uncle's cabin about 20 minutes from here and he did some wood-turning on his lathe with Brennan. He's given Brennan several lessons so far, and it's been lots of fun. I have been searching for a "hobby" for Brennan for quite some time, and this just turned up!! Especially now that he's the only one left at home it's good for him to have something constructive to do! Here's some of the stuff he's made:Here he is working on a bowl with my Uncle Harold in the background.

Well anyway, he's growing up so fast and he's such a good kid. (In my opinion!)


Jen & Mark said...

that is really neat!!! tell him great job! and i want a bowl! :) i agree he is a great kid! but then he's got great parents so what else do you expect? :)

Christina said...

He's HUGE! What have you been feeding him. I can't believe how much he's grown. I bet her could now take on Mark and Paul pretty easily. :-) I agree with Jen... I want a bowl. You can bring it when you come visit me. I know this is susposed to be all about Brennan, but tell Brooke and Bethany, and Hannah I said hi. K, I'm done for now. :-)

Sarah said...

All three of them are amazing! BUT this is all about Brennan, so, going on my six year old memory... he is a pretty great guy. I bet I would really look UP to him now!! I bet he could take Abram at a few things or at least have a good go at it!
Miss you guys