Monday, July 09, 2007

The race is on!!!!!!!!

Five days until the wedding!! Even Shadow went down to the church and helped by "cleaning" up the floor!!! The transformation of the gym began in earnest after church yesterday. Today we worked more on the gym and made some food. Brooke comes home tomorrow!! YEAH!!


Jen & Mark said...

wow - i can't believe that the wedding is this weekend. i wish that we could be there!!! hope that it goes well - have fun!!! post lots of pictures!!!

Tad and Hannah said...

I'm really glad you put the pictures up on the blog. The wedding looked great. As for the preparation for the wedding...what was Shadow doing? Shadow is always such a good helper- chasing squirrels, chewing up toys, and slobbering people in their Sunday clothes. I wish I was there with you Pastor; I could use a trip to the Lakewood mall. It is always interesting to go into your garage and see the newest find from the dump. There are always such high hopes for the new toy. Then a year later, I go back into the garage and see that same great find sitting in the same spot. Ok, so that doesn't always happen. :) We miss you guys a ton!

sc3b said...

Shadow was cleaning the floor...and she did a GREAT job of it, too!!