Friday, June 22, 2007

An update, of sorts...

I feel like I should update, or say something...but, what? There is not too much profound to say. Basically we are plugging along, getting small things done for the wedding. I feel like we are at the point where we really can't do much, but will be overloaded in a week or two. I have made some food, stashed it in the freezer, made a trial cake, worked on altering the dresses, done yard work...all that stuff.

Bethany is working a lot of hours at two jobs. Brooke is working away at Shepherds - maybe having too much fun and Brennan is in Canada for the week and it seems like he has been gone forever. So anyway, here are a few pics of what's been happening.

It takes a backyard rehearsal dinner to finally do what you've always wanted to do!!
This is a CAKE, not a hat!!!
We have managed to sneak in some fun!!


Connie said...

The backyard looks gorgeous!!
See you soon! ~Connie

Verda said...

I can see that everything looks beautiful & that you are working very hard, but it is all worth it. RIGHT!!! Love, Mom

Christina said...

Wow, everything looks so nice! I'm sad that I will be missing it all... you know you can't have a party without me! :-) Love ya!

Sarah said...

all I can say is, you are amazing Cathy!!!
Hey, Bethany called my cell phone and we missed it b/c we were out for our anniversary :) I have to work tonight, so have her call Abram's cell phone - 765.586.6489

Beth and Jason said...

Yep- you're amazing. That landscaping does look great. And that hat looks good enough to eat! :) You've gotta sneak in some fun or you might just go crazy with all your "to do" lists. So,are the meatballs for the rehearsal or reception? What are you putting on them?