Sunday, October 15, 2006

Picture of the Week #3

Here's a picture of our wonderful Amy Brumbaugh trying to spice up gym night for the girls (along with Steph & Brooke). Some of the younger girls never want to participate in the gym night activities and just stand around, so Amy decided to make cookies with them tonight. We are sooooo thankful for our great college kids. I don't know what we'll do when we don't have a Brumbaugh any more ): I guess the next generation is on its way, huh?!!!!


Sarah said...

Wow, and to think- at one time it was Beth and I making cookies with little Brooke and Stephanie. How fun. Amy reminds me of Beth in this picture. I miss my Brumbaughs.

sc3b said...

HA! We got a crazy box of beauty aids from the food pantry - check out Brooke - sporting a set of fancy nails!!! Can't wait to see how the eyelashes work out, Amy!!!! ;)

Beth and Jason said...

We're cranking out the next generation faster than you can imagine. Soon your whole church will be our next generation! Forget the cookies, they'll eat everything you have (they are half Stampers).

Jen & Mark said...

so much fun - i don't know why we didn't think to do that. oh well - the girls survived. :)

Christina said...

Great picture! I miss the food pantry :-) You gotta send a pair of those false lashes my way. I've always wanted to try them. So is Amy dating Tim Aynes? Did that ever work out? And what going on with Bethany and Joe?

Beth and Jason said...

YIKES! You need to E-MAIL someone Christina! Try me if you want.

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

So, uh...urrr..did you write to Beth Christina? Hope so.
Well now Beth, as far as I recall Jason and I were in a dead heat when it came down to putting away cookies. I guess the Stamper-Brumbaugh mix might have one up on both Jason and I but you have to give the Brumbaugh name some credit.
Hey, us Brumbaugh's won't die off. We will just skip a few years before we send another you direction okay. You really need a break! Four in a row has got to be rough. I am sure that I can instill the desire for the northwoods in Titus though and we will see if he doesn't show up at NBF in the future.
Have a great day and God Bless
Mark Brumbaugh

sc3b said...

I filled Christina in... :)