Sunday, March 29, 2009


We've had Shadow for thirteen years (got her on Bethany's 10th birthday). She was stone deaf for about a year, going blind, but basically still doing good until a week ago. She got very sick, didn't eat for the whole week and we finally had to bring her in to the vet yesterday and have her put down. We will miss her a lot!!!

She LOVED to go camping. She was great friends with the chipmunks at Boot Lake!!

She was a Christian dog. Here she is ministering in her favorite up the gym floor at the church after lunch. (Actually she is helping us get ready for Bethany's wedding here.)

She sat in on a few Senior Picture photo shoots (for Brooke & Brennan, anyway...what's up with that? She was supposed to be Bethany's dog).

She HATED water in general, and getting a bath in particular.

She didn't quite understand the family picture thing...just look at her face!!

She made Scott believe that she enjoyed all the things he did to her. Not so sure about that...

...but she did enjoy Scott.

Lots of good times!!!!


Beth said...

I was thinking of you all during church today and started crying...thanks for the wonderful pics and memories of shadow!

Beth said...

Jason and I are very sad. We loved Shadow. These are great pics and good memories. sorry to hear the news. thinking of you all

Keara said...'s the end of a sad to hear it...

Maxine said...

I saw this on your daughter's blog and just wanted to come over to extend sympathies. I've been through it and know how you feel. Glad you have these pictures and your memories. Glad you have your photos and your memories.

You don't know me, but I've just been visiting folks a little late from the Ultimate Blog Party of last week. Just stopping by.

God bless.