Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She's Back!!!

We headed for Union Grove on Sunday after church to pick up Brooke. We spent the night in a guest room in Findley Center where Brooke lived for the summer. It was a long and tearful goodbye, but Brooke finally made her way around to all of her favorite residents on Monday morning. It was a tear jerker to watch. We spent Monday night in Appleton and did tons of shopping Monday & Tuesday. It was fun but very tiring.
Obviously, things are back to normal around here.
It doesn't get more normal than this...take a look...
She'll be home for just about two weeks before she has to head back to school.
The summer flew by!!!


Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I'm glad she is able to be at home for a few weeks before heading back. Summer always seems to fly by...but yours was quite eventful with a wedding in the middle! Hope things are going well for you all. We miss and talk of you all often. Could you send me Pam's contact info? I think of her often and would love to drop her a line.

Beth and Jason said...

Wow Brooke! That's a mess!