Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Recipe

Well, I can't very well leave you in the dark since I gave you proper warning about store bought relish. This homemade version is great and I have been making it for years. It is also rather simple. Here goes:
Grind up-

6 qts. cucumbers
2 large carrots
2 green peppers
*(I used one red pepper)
1 medium onion

If you are as fortunate as I am, one quick trip to the basement pile of wedding gifts that your daughter had to temporarily leave behind, may turn up something like this...

JUST KIDDING!!!!!! I did NOT use her "Deluxe Chopper"!!! ;)

Anyway...once all those veggies are chopped up tiny, add 1/4 cup canning salt and let stand 3 hours or overnight. Drain well. Add:

6 cups sugar

1T dry mustard

1tsp. tumeric

1 qt. vinegar

Cook all this for 1/2 hour on high.

Then put it into jars. By this time, the relish is probably hot enough that the jars will seal, but I water bath them for 15-20 minutes just to be safe!!

It looks like this makes about 9 pints, plus a little extra that went straight into the fridge.

Obviously I have more to do today than I care to think about and I am procrastinating, because here I am...blogging about relish!!!

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Beth said...

I hope you bring some for us!!!