Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today Brennan turns 16!! I just wanted to share a few pictures of him...I know he'll be thrilled!! Happy Birthday, Brennan!

Brennan & Brooke (Nov. 1990)

Bethany, Brennan & Brooke (1991)
Wakeboarding during a camping trip this summer
This spring in Florida
This is a picture that Brennan took of himself in our church parking lot.


Sarah said...

happy birthday Brennan!! Hope we can re-get to know you some day soon!!
you get a car for your bday?? :)

Beth and Jason said...

Happy 16th Brennan! Awwwwww.... You were such a cute little fella. Cool pic of yourself in the parking lot!

Jen & Mark said...

wow - i can't believe he's 16! happy birthday. that's a pretty neat pic of yourself. mark would be impressed!! :)